International Center of Mental Health Policy and Economics


Fourteenth Workshop on Costs and Assessment in Psychiatry


Venice, Scuola Grande di San Giovanni Evangelista
March 29-31, 2019


Preliminary Program


FRIDAY, March 29, 2019


5.00p.m.  –  6.00p.m.        REGISTRATION

6.00p.m.                            OPENING SESSION

                                           WILLARD MANNING AWARD   


SATURDAY, March 30, 2019



  • Robert P. Roca and Steven S. Sharfstein (USA): Determining the Value of Mental Healthcare Services: A Research Agenda.
  • Rowena Jacobs, María José Aragón, John Brazier, Adriana Castelli, Maria Goddard, Hugh Gravelle, Nils Gutacker, Anju Keetharuth, Russell Mannion, Anne Mason, Philip Powell, Donna Rowen (UK): The Cost and Quality of Mental Healthcare Provision and the Value of Service Quality in the English NHS: A Mixed Methods Study.

Discussant: Benjamin Lê Cook (USA)          E-mail:


  • Hannah König, Hans-Helmut König, Alexander Konnopka (Germany): The Excess Costs of Depression: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.
  • Christina van der Feltz-Cornelis, Leona Hakkaart-van Roijen (UK, NL):Collaborative Care for Major Depressive Disorder. In Which Treatment Setting is its Delivery Most Cost Effective? A Comparison of Studies from the Depression Initiative in the Netherlands.
  • Sirry Alang, Donna McAlpine, Ellen McCreedy (USA): One or Both? Perceived Effectiveness of Medication or Counseling among People with Depression.
  • Ya‘akov M. Bayer, Ze’ev Shtudiner, Oxsana Suhorukov, Nimrod Grisaru (Israel): Time and Risk Preferences, and Consumption Decisions of Patients with Clinical Depression.

Discussant: Harold A. Pincus (USA)          E-mail:


  • Claire de Oliveira, Joyce Cheng and Rowena Jacobs (Canada): Examining Equity in the Utilization of Psychiatric Inpatient Care among Patients with Severe Mental Illness (SMI) in Ontario, Canada.
  • JinaJun, N. Lee and Y. Rhee (Republic of Korea): Exploring Community Mental Health Services System in Korea: Focusing on Community Mental Health Centers and Social Services.
  • Frédérique C. W. van Krugten, M.A. Boeschoten, S. van Broeckhuysen, J. van Eck van der Sluijs, E. van Ee, S.M. van Es, M. Schoorl, L.M. Tak, W.B.F. Brouwer, L. Hakkaart-van Roijen (NL): Development and Psychometric Evaluation of the Transdiagnostic Decision Tool: Facilitating the Early Identification of Patients with Mental Health Problems in Need of Highly Specialized Care.
  • Parvati Singh, Jangho Yoon, Lonnie Snowden, Bharath Chakravarthy, Tim Bruckner (USA): Psychiatric Emergency Department Visits after Expansion of Community Health Centers.

Discussant: Reinhold Kilian (Germany)          E-mail:


  • Linda Davies, Gemma Shields, Elizabeth Camacho, Penny Bee, Helen Brooks, Patrick Callaghan, Lesley-Anne Carter, Claire Fraser, Andrew Grundy, Kathryn Hinsliff-Smith, Oonagh Meade, Anne Rogers, Kelly Rushton, Peter Bower, Karina Lovell (UK): Service User and Carer Co-Delivered Training Programme for Mental Health Professionals to Enhance Involvement in Care Planning: A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis.
  • ·Aileen Murphy, Jane Bourke, Daniel Flynnb, Mary Kells, Mary Joyce (Ireland):A Cost Effectiveness of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy for Treating Individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder in the Community.
  • Christian Brettschneider, Jochen Gensichen, Thomas S. Hiller, Joerg Breitbart, Ulrike Schumacher, Caroline Lukaschek, Tobias Teismnann, Jürgen Margraf, Hans-Helmut König (Germany): Cost-Effectiveness of Practice Team-Supported Exposure Training for Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia in Primary Care: Results from a Cluster Randomized Trial.
  • Jeffrey S. Hoch (USA): Opportunities to Benefit from Net Benefit Regression: Findings from Recently Published Research.

Discussant: Silvia Evers (NL)          E-mail:


  • Elin Vimefall, Mattias Persson, Sara Olofsson, Lars Hultkrantz (Sweden): Is Prevention of Suicide Less Important than Prevention of Other Fatalities? A Comparison of the Value of a Statistical Life for Suicide vs Traffic Fatality Reduction.
  • Christopher M. Doran, Irina Kinchin (Australia): Economic and Epidemiological Impact of Youth Suicide in Countries with the Highest Human Development Index.
  • Irina Kinchin, Christopher Doran (Australia): The Cost of Youth Suicide in Australia.
  • Jaclyn Schess, Yong Yi Lee, David Gunnell, Alexandra Fleischmann, Dan Chisholm (Australia): The Cost-effectiveness of a Suicide Prevention Intervention Restricting Access to Pesticides in India.

Discussant: Christina van der Feltz-Cornelis (UK)          E-mail:


  • Miguel Xavier,A. Leuschner, Isabel Paixão, Paula Domingos, Fernando Vieira, Pedro Mateus (Portugal): Analysis of Mental Health Policy Implementation: Lessons from the Portuguese Experience.
  • Genevieve Graaf, Lonnie Snowden (USA): State Approaches to Funding Home and Community-Based Care for Non-Medicaid Youth with Complex Behavioral Health Needs.
  • Parvati Singh (USA): Macroeconomic Antecedents of Racial Disparities in Psychiatric Emergency Department Visits.
  • Francesco Longo, Rita Faria, Gillian Parker, Kate Gridley, Fiona Aspinal, Bernard van den Berg, Helen Weatherly (UK): Investigating the Economic Case of a Service to Support Carers of People with Dementia.

Discussant: Carolyn Dewa (USA)


  • Vicki Fung, Mary Price, John Hsu, Joseph Newhouse, Benjamin Le Cook (USA):The Impact of Changes in Medicare Financing for Mental Health Care on Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Psychiatric Care.
  • Joran Lokkerbol, Tim Layton, Susan Busch, Jacob Wallace (USA):  Managed Care Plan Effects on People with Mental Illness: Evidence from Random Assignment in New York Medicaid.
  • Benjamin Lê Cook, Andrea Acevedo, Brian Mullin, Ana Progovac, Michael McWilliams (USA): The Impact of Medicare Shared Savings Plan ACOs on Mental Health Care Access and Quality and Disparities in Care.
  • John Hsu, Maggie Price, Vicki Fung, Lidia Moura, Nicole Benson, Deborah Blacker (USA): Behavioral Disturbances in Patients with Dementia Living in the Community: How Fare Racial/Ethnic Minorities and the Poor?

Discussant: Kathleen C. Thomas (USA)


  • Michelle R. Munson, Victoria Stanhope, Andrea Cole, Shelly Ben-David, Beth Sapiro & Chuck Ingoglia (USA): Feasibility, Acceptability and Impact of a Multi-Component Intervention for Youth with Mental Illnesses.
  • Gillian Mulvale, Ashleigh Miatello, Jenn Green (Canada): Using Experience-Based Co-Design to Improve Transitions from Child to Adult Mental Health Services.
  • Stephen Rocks, Mina Fazel, Apostolos Tsiachristas (UK): Budget Allocation at the Commissioning Level: Does ChildMental Health Lose Out?
  • Lee-Ann Burke (Ireland): Psychological Resilience During the Irish Recession: Evidence from the Growing up in Ireland Study.

Discussant: Ingrid Zechmeister-Koss (Austria)


  • Donald M. Hilty, Allison Crawford, Eva Serhal, Davor Mucic (USA): Telepsychiatry and E-Mental Health: Quality Care, Competencies, Cost Outcomes and an Approach to Evaluating Costs.
  • Haiden A. Huskamp, Alisa B. Busch, Jeffrey Souza, Lori Uscher-Pines, Sherri Rose, Andrew Wilcock, Bruce E. Landon, Ateev Mehrotra (USA): How is Telemedicine Being Used in Opioid and Other Substance Use Disorder Treatment?

Discussant: Ruben Drost (NL)          E-mail:


  • Harold Alan Pincus and Brigitta Spaeth-Rublee (USA): Behavioral Health and the "Quality Measurement Industrial Complex": Bambi Meets Godzilla.
  • Dominic Hodgkin, Constance Horgan, Deborah Garnick, Alisa Busch, Maureen Stewart, Sharon Reif (USA): Pay for Outcomes: How Might It Work in Substance Use Disorder Treatment?
  • Sarah Hudson Scholle (USA): Addressing the Challenges in Addiction Quality Improvement: What Is the Path Forward?

Discussant: Heiden Huskamp (USA)          E-mail:


  • Tamara Waldmann, Dinc Ü., Saglam G., Stiawa M., Wiegand-Grefe S., Kilian R. (Germany): Costs of Health and Social Services in Children of Mentally Ill Parents in Germany.
  • Ingrid Zechmeister-Koss, Melinda Goodyear, Heinz Tüchler, Jean Paul (Austria):Supporting Children Who Have Mentally Ill Parents in Tyrol: A Multi-Perspective Needs-Analysis for Developing Improved Practice Approaches.
  • Camilla Nystrand, Lars Hultkrantz, Elin Vimefall,Inna Feldman (Sweden): A Model to Estimate the Economic Return for Local Aòuthorities - Parent Management Training Programs for the Prevention of Child Behaviour Problems.
  • Edel Walsh, Aileen Murphy (Ireland): Investigating Life Satisfaction Amongst Irish Parents.

Discussant: Gillian Mulvale (Canada)          E-mail:


  • Claudia Fischer, Susanne Mayer, Nataša Perić, Judit Simon (Austria) : Valuation Methods in Costing for International, Multi-Sectoral Mental Health Economic Evaluations: A Structured Scoping Review.
  • Dun-Sol Go, Young-Eun Kim and Seok-Jun Yoon (Republic of Korea): A Comparison of the Budget and Burden of Disease of Mental Health: A South Korea Perspective.
  • Alexander Konnopka, Hannah König, Hans-Helmut König (Germany): The Costs of Anxiety Disorders: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.
  • Dennis Wienand, A-La Park, Christoph Wippel, Agata Laszewska,  Ines Stelzer, Susanne Mayer, Guy M. Goodwin, David McDaid, Judit Simon (Austria): The Excess Costs and Resource Use of Physical Comorbidities in Patients with Mental Health Disorders: A Systematic Review.

Discussant: Claire de Oliveira (Canada)


  • Carolyn S. Dewa, Jeffrey S. Hoch, Karen Nieuwenhuijsen, Sagar Parikh, Judith K. Sluiter (USA): Examining the Relationship Between Depression Symptom Clusters and Work Productivity Loss.
  • Anna Holst, Cecilia Björkelund, Mikael Svensson (Sweden): Economic Evaluation of Care Manager Collaborative Care Programme for Patients with Depression in Swedish Primary Care - 12 Month Follow-up of a Pragmatic RCT Concerning Depression Free Days and Sick Leave Costs.
  • Kathleen C. Thomas, Adele Shartzer, Noelle Kurth, Kathleen McDermott, Madeline Kemp, Jean Hall (USA): State Insurance Policy, Employment Outcomes, and Implications for People with Mental Health Conditions.
  • TamaraWaldmann, Staiger T., Rüsch N., Kilian R. (Germany): Costs of (Mental) Health Service Use in Unemployed People with Mental Health Problems in Germany.

Discussant: Donna D. McAlpine (USA)


  • Anju Keetharuth, Donna Rowen and Rowena Jacobs (UK): Obtaining a Measure of Quality of NHS Care in Mental Health Services in the UK by Linking HoNOS and ReQoL-10.
  • Daniela Andrén & Elin Vimefall (Sweden): Well-being and the Willingness to Pay for Intervention Aimed to Decrease Depression.
  • Natalia Y Alfonso, BarlowA, Haroz E. Goklish N, Larzelere F, Cwik M, Bishai D (USA): Quality of Life Living with Suicide Ideation at Age 18-24: Development of Presence-Based Valuesfor Native American Youth in the US using the EQ-5D.

Discussant: Gemma Shields (UK)


  • Gary A. ZarkinandRobert P. Schwartz (USA): The Cost and Impact of Adding Patient Navigation to Methadone Treatment to Facilitate the Transition from Jail to the Community.
  • Gilbert Gonzales, Kyle Gavulic (USA): The Impacts of the Orlando Gun Shooting on the Mental Health of Sexual Minority Adults in the United States.
  • Luca M.M. Janssen, I. Pokhilenko, R.M.W.A. Drost, A.T.G. Paulus, V. Brodzky, A.-L. Park, H.-H. König, L. Salvador-Carulla, J. Simon, S.M.A.A. Evers (NL): Inter-sectoral Costs and Benefits of Mental Health Interventions within Criminal Justice.

Discussant: Miguel Xavier (Portugal)          E-mail:

SUNDAY, March 31, 2019


  • Judit Simon, König H-H, Brodszky V, Evers SMAA, Hakkaart-van Roijen L, Serrano Aguilar PG, Salvador-Carulla L, Park A-L, Hollingworth W, Schneider V (Austria): Inter-sectoral Costs and Benefits of Mental Care in Europe: European Research Project PECUNIA.
  • Luca M.M. Janssen, A.T.G. Paulus, R.M.W.A. Drost, C.D. Dirksen, W. Hollingworth, S. Noble, K. Garfield, J.C. Thorn, S.M.A.A. Evers (NL): Resource Use Measurement in Economic Evaluations of Health Care Interventions: A Scoping Review.
  • Irina Pokhilenko, L.M.M. Janssen, A.T.G. Paulus, R.M.W.A. Drost, J. Simon, H.-H. König, V. Brodszky, L. Salvador-Carulla, A.-L. Park, S.M.A.A. Evers (NL): Inter-sectoral Costs and Benefits of Mental Health Interventions within Educational Sector.
  • Gillian Mulvale,Jenn Green, Karl-Johan Johansen, Fiona Wilson, Shaleen Jones, Nick Kates, Ian Arnold(Canada): Integrating Mental Health Peer Support in Clinical Settings: Lesson from Canada and Norway.

Discussant: Jeffrey Hoch (USA)          E-mail:


  • Claire de Oliveira, Tomisin Iwajomo (Canada): Health Care Expenditures of Psychosis in Ontario: An Analysis over Time.
  • Huajie Jin, Stewart Robinson, Sarah Byford (UK): Using Whole Disease Modelling to Evaluate All Key Interventions for Schizophrenia.
  • Valentin Brodszky, Gulácsi L, Netshiombo M, Rashdan O, Evers S, König H-H, Park A-L, Salvador-Carulla L, Simon J (Hungary): Costs Incurred in the Household of Schizophrenic Patients: A Systematic Review.
  • Ágnes Lublóy, Kereszúri Judit Lilla, Németh Attila, Mihalicza Péter (Latvia): Exploring Factors of Diagnostic Delay for Patients with Bipolar Disorder: A Population Based Cohort Study.

Discussant: Joran Lokkerbol (NL)          E-mail:


  • Donna D. McAlpine, Sirry Alang and Carrie Henning Smith (USA): Social Capital and Depressive Symptoms among Older Americans.
  • Jina Jun and N. Lee (Republic of Korea): Exploring Social Networks of People with Severe Mental Illnesses: Utilizing the Social Network Analysis.
  • Daniela Andrén & Nicklas Pettersson (Sweden): Emotional Health During Childhood and Adult Life-Satisfaction.

Discussant: Genevieve Graaf (USA)


  • Anton Isaacs, Alison Beauchamp, Keith Sutton (Australia): The Outcomes and Cost Effectiveness of Australia’s Partners in Recovery Initiative
  • Gemma Shields, Karina Lovell, Penny Bee, Claire Fraser, Andrew Grundy, Lauren Walker, Lindsey Cree, Dionysios Ntais, Matthew Hamilton, Peter Bower, Patrick Callaghanand Linda Davies (UK): A Discrete Choice Experiment to Measure Mental Health Service User Preferences for Involvement in Care Planning.
  • Ashleigh Miatello, Gillian Mulvale, Heather Bullock, John Lavis, Julia Abelson (Canada): Patient Experience in Health Policy Making: A Framework.
  • Daniela Sangiorgi, Gillian Mulvale, Josina Vink, Sarah McAllister, Laura Warwick, Martha Sneyd, Michelle Farr, Marta Carrera (Canada): Applying Design Approaches to Advance Recovery-Oriented Mental Health Policy.

 Discussant: Sirry Alang (USA)


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